New year…New YOU! :)


I luv new years! It is time to start fresh; as in, out with the old, in with the new wardrobe. Here are some awesome ideas to kick into your closet:

  • Stick to bright, cheery colors so you don’t blend into the pavement. Pink, red, green, orange, and metallic purple are especially great. Why didn’t I list yellow? It’s not summer yet… wear that color in moderation.
  • NEVER, EVER, DO I WANT TO KNOW THAT YOU LOOK LIKE NIKI MINAJ (no offense, but girls our age shouldn’t dye their hair yet). Well, anyways, if you want to stand out, try “Tulip” DIY fashion. Google it if you want.
  • It’s not quite sunglasses-&-flipflops season. Save ’em for later. 🙂

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