The three little mishaps: Shlumpy, Dumpy, and Frumpy


This is the story of the three little mishaps. Their names were Shlumpy, Dumpy, and Frumpy. They decided that they wanted to make their own fashion statements. So Shlumpy decided to pair a baggy pair of pants with a shapeless shirt. Then, one day, the big bad fashion police decided to give Shlumpy a ticket for such a bad outfit (hence her name). Defeated, this little mishap went to Dumpy’s house to help her out with an outfit. Shlumpy and Dumpy agreed on an outfit that consisted of ripped boyfriend jeans, a tiny, loose tank top, and a pair of ratted-up shoes. The big bad fashion police happened to be strolling around when she saw the HORRIBLE ensemble. She gave both of the mishaps a ticket. Soon, Shlumpy and Dumpy had fled to their last friend: Frumpy. All three of them made an outfit together: A ruffly, boho (it looked more hobo) top, a long, fringed skirt with bows, and a giant, old-fashioned flower barrette. By now, the fashion police was COMPLETELYirritated.

But instead of giving all three tickets, she said, “LOOK, you THREE!! Since giving you guys tickets doesn’t stop you from being a part of an outfit, I am going to TELL YOU THISSSSS: Shlumpy outfits do NOT look good with anything! And Dumpy?! You will not have a place in fashion… EVER! But when all three of you fashion mishaps come together, you get Frumpy! Frumpy as in old fashioned, outdated, to much ruffles with pouf and bows!” The mishaps were extremely dissapointed. But what the Big Bad Fashion Police said was true (after all, she’s the fashion police). The Three little mishaps went home and changed their ideas of fashion, becoming renown as Boho, Effortless, and Vintage. ๐Ÿ™‚ The End.

Moral: Wearing shlumpy outfits makes you look sloppy, wearing dumpy outfits makes you look trashy, and wearing frumpy outfits makes you look nostalgic (and not in a good way). Stick to pieces that fit (and I don’t mean cling to you). If you wear something baggy, pair it with something skinnier (like a baggy top with skinny jeans). Looking dumpy is not acceptable. Your look canย scream effortless without looking like you put clothes on blindly. If you want to wear some older fashions, then wear them in accessories or in moderation, so you look vintage. Good luck, hope you like my spin on the three little pigs!


9 thoughts on “The three little mishaps: Shlumpy, Dumpy, and Frumpy

  1. Your take on the old tale “The Three Little Pigs” was quite humorous. Did you know that there is a television show called the “Fashion Police” it is on E! They take celebrities outfits and either compliment them or scold them for abusing there fame with gaudy attire. Wanna check it out? It is sort of a celebrity rendition of “What Not to Wear”. Anyway.. It is awesome that you are posting more advice, polls, and what not. I couldn’t update something that many times. Kudos to you! Peace out.

    P.S I write long comments. =D

    1. Thanks!
      I didn’t know there was such a show, but I would love to when I get the chance. That sounds cool!
      Thank you for commenting, because that inspires me and reminds me to make lots of posts, seriously. Your support is tremendous and very helpful.


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