Girl, u got STYLE (whether you knew it or not)!


Maybe you’re into fashion; but maybe you’re not. You’re world might evolve around a broken nail; mine doesn’t… but maybe your’s does? Whoever you are… … … … … GIRL YOU GOT STYYYYLLLLLLLEEEE!!!!! Style is a personal thing that only you can determine for yourself. And here is how to do so: wear clothes that make you feel good – and I don’t mean the latest shoes, the trendiest Louis Vuitton dress. I mean, who can afford that? When I say “wear clothes that make you feel good” I don’t mean the trendiest everything because I don’t believe “trendy” is a style. It is a word to describe something or someone that is popular. If you’re sporty, try (at least I think some of their stuff is cute – how ’bout u?). If you are eclectic (it means multiple styles), then try in the girl’s section. If you are casual-cute, I would do Hollister. If preppy is your thang, then Abercrombie & Fitch is cool (although it is pretty much like Hollister, but everything’s like $10 more and gives off a NY vibe instead of California). There are plenty things to choose from. Are you short on money for clothes? That’s okay, because DIY is always in. Turn a scarf into a belt or a headband. Got some old gloves? Chop off the fingers and glue on rhinestone and TA-DA! Fingerless gloves! Get creative, because GIRL, U GOT STTTTYYYLE!  (Yeah, it’s getting old, but so are all these words in parenthesis).


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