The Rise of BABY LIPS!


Baby lips by Maybelline New York is the total package of a lip balm – Tinted, moisturizing, smells great, long stick of it, and it’s cheap (like $3.00 at at a local drugstore)! It even comes in cute tubes for those of you who like colorful things. And not all of them are tinted. Some are clear, but still smell good. The balm really looks refreshing and pretty when you wear it. Whether you’re girly, sporty, or whatever you consider your self, this is definitley something to keep in your back pocket (or purse :)) I own Pink Punch, Cherry Me, and Peach Kiss. Here are the pics and flavors:

MAYBELLINE Peppermint Baby Lips lipbalmPeppermint (Clear)          

MAYBELLINE Cherry Me Baby Lips lipbalmCherry Me (Tinted)

MAYBELLINE Grape Vine Baby Lips lipbalmGrape Vine (I think it’s tinted, but I’m not positive)

MAYBELLINE Pink Punch Baby Lips lipbalmPink Punch (Tinted)

MAYBELLINE Quenched Baby Lips lipbalmQuenched (Clear)

MAYBELLINE Peach Kiss Baby Lips lipbalmPeach Kiss (Tinted, but it isn’t too noticable because it’s a peachy color)


7 thoughts on “The Rise of BABY LIPS!

  1. Baby Lips are surely going to be a trend for the summer. I ❤ Cherry Me!

    P.S I found out how to receive really soft lips! Here are the steps:

    1. Put a pinch of sugar (does not have to be organic) and spread it flat on hand
    2. Make your lips a little wet and plop your lips onto your sugared hands
    3. Massage your lips w/ the sugar for about 5-10 seconds
    4. Use a warm washcloth to wipe off sugar
    5. Grab your most trusty lip balm (I like 2 use Vaseline) and apply
    6. Blot your lips
    7. Enjoy your newly soft lips!

    It really works! I would do this every 3 weeks or so. Or whenever lips r so dry.

    Have FUN!

    1. I got it at target in the maybelline section on the bottom shelf. they may be out of stock, you’re right. You can look at Fred Meyer, my mom found some there

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