The trendiest hair styles for back-to-school!


My friend has recently given me a great topic to blog about – hair (the kind on your head)! And it gets better… hair styles for all lengths!

♥Short hair

The Pixie Crop

Going for a unique hairstyle that will stand out in the crowd? Go for a pixie crop with lots of layers. I had this style last year when I saw Emma Watson’s new do’. It takes some time to style if you want it a certain way, not just floppy, so consider how much time you would be willing to put into your hair before chopping off your tresses. For inspiration, I would look at Emma Watson (she has wavy hair, so if yours is straight, it may look different), Halle Berry (she has thick, curly hair. If you have thin hair, it may not hold a curl or stay up with gel.), or Ginnifer Goodwin.

Medium Hair♣

The layered bob

Want something less daring? A bob may be just right for you. Lots of layers can make your hair feel thicker. But be warned – they can take a lot of work!  Great lengths for bobs are jaw-line, chin, or dusting your shoulders. To see layered bobs look at Katy Perry, Coco Chanel, or Alexa Chung.


Long Hair♦

Kiss, Kiss, Bangs

Long, straight, hair is very trendy for fall! Imagine all the hairstyle options you’ll have! Bangs are a great addition to long hair. Careful, now. Heavy, blunt bangs can soften your face and make it look more round. If you have a round face (like me), try wispy bangs. Side bangs are great, too. They may get annoying if they aren’t long enough (You’ll have to keep brushing it away from your face when you bend over. If you want, make sure they are long enough to hook behind your ear.) See Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, or Audrey Hepburn.


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