Get rid of those ANNOYING flyaway hairs!


Hey guys! Flyaway hairs are so annoying- my hair is pretty thin, so flyaways are a super huge problem! Thankfully, I found an amazing trick online- all you need is a kabuki brush and hairspray!


I used Garnier Fructis full control anti-humidity hairspray, ultra strong. You can find this at the hair and makeup section of any drugstore. I am not sure what brand my kabuki brush is, but it doesn’t really matter- a cheap one is good, since you don’t need it for makeup purposes. (Remember: this kabuki brush should be properly washed, with no makeup left behind. It’s probably not a good idea to use it for makeup after applying hairspray to it…)

Step 1:

Apply one or two spritzes of hairspray to the kabuki brush- don’t overdo it!

Step 2:

Apply in gentle downward strokes, starting from the root, working down to the ends. Don’t go back and forth, because that will lead to even more unruly hair.

And ta-da! Your hair will be silky smooth and flyaway-free!



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