#Trending Tuesday: Korean Beauty Routine


 Lip balms in fruit packaging, lace sheet masks, colorful eye jellies, oh my! I feel like Dorothy in an adorable, beauty-ridden Oz. 

Recently, after watching Jenn Im’s Korean Beauty Products haul, I became inspired by Korea’s extensive yet supercute beauty routines. Maybe the better word is obsessed. I dashed into Sephora the next day, scanning the glowing aisles of makeup for Tonymoly Lip Balms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any, just a few Tonymoly sheet masks by the counter. However, after doing some online searching, here are some products I found and want to try*:

1. TONYMOLY Lipbalms 

2. TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick 

3. TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks 

*all products pictured can be found in the beauty section of urbanoutfitters.com

Proof that no one looks good in sheet masks– with my best friend, Abbey

Please “Like” this post if you are also obsessed with Korean beauty products and comment below your favorites! 


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