#Trending Tuesday: Being Petite (and even if you aren’t, please read)

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I was measured for my height at the doctor’s the other day. I am just a liiiiittle over 5’1″. And I write to you because I have just come to accept my height. Many of us want to be a model’s height of about 5’8″ or more, myself included. I have always joked about how I plan on growing another five inches, despite my doctor saying that was wishful thinking. But the root of those jokes was an insecurity. 

There always seemed to be something about those tall girls. They were the “beautiful ones” or seemingly “models-in-the-making”. And I just was tired of being called “cute” because I am petite. I wanted to be tall and scouted to be a model (although In my mind I would nonchalantly decline all the hopeful agencies-hah!) In my mind, being tall meant being beautiful, and being short meant being only “cute” and “so adorable!” Don’t get me wrong, I always am flattered when people compliment me on that- it was my insecurity that made me feel like “cute” is all I am seen as. But I have come to realize some very important things:

1. What the hell is wrong with being cute?

2. Petite people are gorgeous, and you don’t have to be a model to prove it

3. I can wear freaking 6-inch heels if I want and still be shorter than my future husband (probably? Unless he’s short too, and in that case, we are going to be an adorably short couple)

4. Don’t let your looks define you. Cliché, sure, but in all honesty, your looks get you only so far. The rest is up to your glowing personality 😉

I sincerely hope you all learn something from this article, whether you are tall, short, curves, no curves, blonde, brunette, redheaded, and the list goes on. 


2 thoughts on “#Trending Tuesday: Being Petite (and even if you aren’t, please read)

  1. Amen, preach it sista!!! I am 16, and also a whopping 5′ 1″, and I have recently also come to be satisfied with my height. I unfortuanantly got the short genes of the family, and my younger sister, (younger by 2 whole years) is at least 4 inches taller than me already. I have come to be okay with the simple fact, I am not growing anymore, and that most if not all my siblings will surely be taller than me. The only thing, and I promise, I don’t mind being short, but the only thing I hate about this is that everyone thinks that my sister is older than me, and stuff, and it’s not till I step up and say, uh, actually I’m older, that they step back and go, “oh yea you do look more mature”. Um, yes, I am, thank you very much. 😛

    1. Hahaha I totally understand the whole sibling-height-age thing! My bro will soon be much taller than me 😛 I am so happy you found this article interesting and that you related! Thank you for sharing your story with me, it means so much ❤

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