Enjoying the sunny weather while it lasts ❤ 

What have you been up to now that school is in full swing?


Lulu Gloss


2 thoughts on “OOTD: LBD and MORE PINK!

  1. When school starts I am usually found buried in schoolwork till 2 in the morning with bags under my eyes and calluses on all my fingers. Add that in with no time for social life whatsoever and you have me counting down the days until summer or even Christmas break. But since fall is now here everything isn’t that bad. 😊

    1. I know what you mean. School is so so demanding, especially trying to balance with having a good outside life. I just try to make the most of family time and spend time with friends in the same clubs as me when possible. It’s not an easy ride, but you will get through it! ❤ Just think about what you want out of life. You have a purpose. Meant for great things. All your hard work will pay off! Good luck this year, and thank you for sharing with me. It means so much 💓💓

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