Out&About: Lulu Gloss Takes Orcas Island!


This weekend, my family went kayaking for the first time at Orcas Island, WA   
Me and my brother, Tanner

Little whirlpools with a ton of sea anemone! Amazing what you can find in nature

Dinner after a long day of rowing 

Some coffee- can’t leave without my caffeine!!!

The fam.
This weekend was perfect. I was with my family. We are ramen for breakfast at our campsite because we forgot our cooler full of food. We woke up with achey backs from sleeping on the cold hard ground. 

But it was worth it, because I was with the people I love most. Do something spontaneous, make time for someone you love, and don’t forget to subscribe to Lulu Gloss if you want to see more!

What are you doing during these last days of summer? Comment below! 

Lulu Gloss