Weekend Wandering: Lulu Gloss takes Pike Place Market!


Happy New Year!

On the second day of 2016, aka the second-to-last day of winter break, 10 am, the Rodriguez family was headed across the 520 bridge, minivan-style. I live for random trips like these.

Finally tried piroshky! I always hesitated to buy some because of the lines, which run out the door on a daily basis. Let’s just say that the line is sooo worth the wait. 

Oh, and shoutout to the awesome accordion guy who serenaded us with pop songs-he was really into his music! 👏👏👍


Found this little cafe called Ghost Alley Espresso  and had THE BEST chai latte in the world. Seriously, go there. The people are so friendly and the coffee is amazing! (This isn’t a picture of the shop though, just a cool design on a warehouse door in Ghost Alley)

My brother, Tanner, wearing a Macklemore-inspired coat in Ghost Alley.

  Visited the (somewhat) clean Gum Wall for the first time! Note to self: bring gum next time 😋

 Tanner peering over Elliott Bay. 

A little nod to Gerard Tsutakawa, who sculpted this awesome bolt of lightning 👋🏼
For me, the New Year is about trying new things and adding a healthy dose of spontaneity to your calendar! Have an awesome 2016 everyone!


Lulu Gloss


Lulu Gloss Takes Seattle: Weekend Wandering! 


  Cupcake Royale literally. Has. The. Best. Iced Coffee. Everrrrr!!!!! Also, there cupcakes are really good. So yeah, go eat some cupcakes in Seattle when you can!   

Exploring after Seattle Youth Symphony with my lil fiddle 😉

Although it’s Tuesday, tell me what you did this weekend! 
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Lulu Gloss 

Lulu Gloss Takes The Sunday Market


Over the weekend, I went to the Sunday Fremont Market in Seattle- it was truly amazing!These adorable purses are by Miss Shasha, who finds them in Korea. For more, visit her website at miss-shasha.com. Check it out!

Markets are great for finding  gems like these- I got this purse for only $29! It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look great- all you need is a good eye!

  Some Tika Masala, Mango Chutney,  rice, and naan- delicious lunch!


 These sunnies are great because they don’t rest on your cheeks, which sometimes happens to me since I don’t have a very high nose bridge. These matte brown/cream shades are a staple for summer- you can purchase these sunglasses among others on Sundays at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle from “Sunwink Seattle”!

My brother, Tanner, clearly knows where the good stuff’s at. Thrift shopping is a great way to find one-of-a-kind items for less $$$- He’s a Macklemore in the making!

Vintage Coach sunglasses for only $25! I also spotted some Oscar de La Renta sunglasses too! An observant eye can find wonders!


Overall, thrift-shopping isn’t only a money-savvy way to shop, but also a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Get out this summer and spend time with those you love- comment below summer activities YOU enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog*!

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