The Girl- Poem


She’s got sky on her hands,

And grass in her hair. 

Flowers on her lips,

Dropping petals in the air.
She’s a river when she laughs 

And an earthquake when she cries.

She’s a whirlwind 

On a sunny day

When she lives–

When she flies.

Copyright Luisa C. Rodriguez 2016


A Little Brighter

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Sometimes I feel very small
And my heart feels weak

And I don’t stand tall.

I don’t know what to do

Sometimes I’m red

Sometimes I’m blue.

And I feel all alone…

Can you hear me?

But I’ll be okay

Because tomorrow is a brand new day.

 I know that God carries my soul

And He loves me.

I stand a little straighter,

I smile a little brighter,

I pick myself up from the fall.

Because I am loved by so many wonderful beings-

So I continue marching 

Strong and tall.

Copyright Luisa C. Rodriguez 2016